Day 50 of 50: Nebulous Thoughts


It’s a funny thing. A dangerous thing. A human thing.

I’m not above it myself. For example, I’m slightly in denial that we are nearing the end of 2015, and that in a month we’ll be ringing in 2016, an election year, the year I turn 25, a quarter-century old. It was a serious point of contention around the office today, when the co-worker across the hall asked, “is it too early to end an e-mail with Happy New Year?” Me and another office mate simultaneously/somewhat aggressively responded “YES.” (He went with “Happy holidays”.)

I can understand climate change denial.

Denial is rooted in resistance to change. We’ve all experienced it at some point or another. It’s inherent to being human. Necessary even. (Let’s talk about mortality salience, and the ultimate denial: right now as you read this, your getting a little bit older. Once you emerge at the other end of this sentence, you’ll be that much closer to ~~dEaTh~~. But you can’t think about that all the time. It’ll drive you crazy.)

Also, denial is also a sort of living in the past, an extreme form of nostalgia. Maybe hoping for a time when we knew less, and things were innocent and happy-go-lucky. A psychological rejection of all the responsibility of adulthood, and the need to make bold decisions and actions. A refusal to grow up (which, as a twenty something year old, I can definitely relate to.)

But the world is changing, regardless of whether or not we accept those changes. It’s changing all the time, it grows, and we get older, whether we like it or not. We can’t stay the same forever.

And besides, resisting change, staying the same, is no way to live.

What we need, as a species, is the opposite of denial—we’ve got to accept change, bite down, lean in. We need to act boldly. That takes grit, and above all, it takes courage. But I think we have what it takes.

You guys give me hope for that.

Thanks so much for reading, and for staying with me, and for sharing your thoughts and ideas. It gives me such warm fuzzies. Thank you, thank you.

Enjoy COP21!

Song of the Day:

(Sponsored ad was for Exxon. Lolz.)

Day 50 of 50: Nebulous Thoughts

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